Ouster Webinar: New 128 Channel Lidar Sensors, Long Range, and an Ultra-Wide View

Product Introductions & Updates Webinar


On January 6th, we welcomed two new high-resolution digital lidar sensors to the Ouster product line: the ultra-wide view OS0-128 and the long-range OS2-128. 

The OS0 marks a new category of ultra-wide view lidar optimized for autonomous vehicle and robotics applications. The CES Innovation Award Honoree OS2-128 combines industry-leading resolution and 240+ meter range for high-speed driving applications. 

Both sensors are currently shipping to customers, as well as the OS0-32, OS2-32, OS2-64, and OS1-128.

Missed our announcement? Hear CEO Angus Pacala walk you through the new OS0, OS2, and 128 channel sensors:



Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to enhance situational awareness with the OS0’s 90º field of view and minimum detection range of zero.
  • Why the OS2’s 200+ meter range makes it a perfect fit for high-speed autonomy and high-altitude drones.
  • Which custom beam configuration best fits your project’s needs.